Monday, April 10, 2006


Pre-departure meeting at Derek's 4-8-06

Dogwood Tales

So we convened Saturday among azaleas and dogwoods under a cape of clouds that threatened to deliver rain (it never did). The mission was to discuss India plans and to review the itinerary that Derek so lovingly created for us.

The study abroad trip to India is just a month away and discussion has ranged from shoes and medical kits to hikes to Shiva's Tea House in Dharamsala and the Jeeps we'll take to tour Khajuraho.

Building upon a fine and informative lecture about the religious history of India on March 31, Derek continued his outline and included history of Buddhism, Jainism and Islam. I'll post notes from all three meetings as soon as I can figure it out. Photos forthcoming as well, if I can manage it.


• Derek always places his trusty map of South Asia behind him when he lectures about India. He used a twig from his backyard as a pointer tool. It was very effective.

• Blowing out candles on your birthday cake is actually and ancient custom that indicates the gods receive messages and prayers via smoke that contains intentions

• The Brothers Grimm ripped off Buddha's storytellers via Jataka Tales. One of the brothers learned Sanskrit and the rest is history

Photo on right: Josh certainly is enjoying that flourless cookie! Thanks to Jill for the treats!

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